Cam Girl: Mis_Eva

Beautiful melons spilling out of a melon-colored dress.

Meet cam girl: Mis_Eva
Name: Eva
Age: 41
Body Type: Big boobs, slim body, round butt

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FANTASY: Sexy Dental Hygienist Shows Off More Than a Mouthful

Who hasn’t had a fantasy about a sexy dental hygienist?

You’re lying back in a vulnerable position. She’s talking to you softly yet she’s still in control. It’s the ultimate turn-on.

You can tell there’s something going on under those scrubs. She can’t hide it. The boring, beige hygienists wear scrubs that fit like an oversized burlap sack. But the sexy dental hygienist wears the tighter style. And she knows exactly what it does to you.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to run into her outside the dentist’s office. Then you can see just how amazing she looks with the glasses come off, the hair comes down, and the sexy dress goes on.