Cam Girl: Niikkydoll

Classy on the outside. Naughty underneath.

Meet camgirl: Niikkydoll
Name: Angelik
Age: 42
Body type: Athletic, petite

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FANTASY: Sexy New Boss Has Strict Plans For Your Future

Things take an unexpected turn when you show up on Monday morning and find out they fired your department director and brought in someone form the outside. Your sexy new boss has a mature confidence and commanding presence that makes you feel like you’ll do whatever she asks.

You can tell she’s been studying up on her new team, because she knows all about you. She’s a good researcher. Maybe a little too good. Because it’s not long before you realize she’s been looking at your social media profiles. And she even tracked down the screen name you use in some kinky BDSM forums.

Shit! This is it. Your ass is about to get canned.

You can’t even look her in the eyes. Your gaze is locked on that revealing top and the sexy black bra you see underneath.

Then you hear her say, “As your new department head, I’m shocked by your interests away from the office. But as Countess Xenia, which is who I am on the weekends — I’m quite intrigued.”

Then your naughty, sexy new boss lowered her voice and said firmly, “Everyone else is office will call me by my first name. But you — no, slave. You will only call me, ma’am, miss, or madame. Do I make myself clear?”

Yes, madame. Perfectly clear.