Cam Girl: BlueNightWish

Red hair. Porcelain skin. Perky tits. What more do ya need?

Meet cam girl: BlueNightWish
Name: Ana
Age: 40ish
Body type: Slim

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FANTASY: Sexy Stranger in a Parking Lot Needs a Rim Job

Typically, anyone who approaches you when you’re walking to your car is asking for money. But when a sexy stranger in a parking lot flags you down and you see her gorgeous red hair and seductive porcelain skin, then you’re more than willing to stop

She just walked out of the salon with fresh hair and makeup, only to discover she has a flat tire. It’s flat as a pancake and sitting on the rim. The AAA operator says it’ll be a 90-minute wait, so she wants to know if you can help her out.

Of course you say yes. She’s talking about how this is a new car and she’s doesn’t even now where the spare is. The words don’t even register, because all you can think about is the contrast of her gorgeous, white cleavage against the black tank top. This is your biggest weakness — a mature redhead who isn’t afraid to show off her tits.

However, you snap back into focus when she says something about buying you a drink after you finish fixing the flat. Maybe the sexy stranger in the parking lot is about to become the sexy stranger at the hotel.