Cam Girl: Xxxfligh1

Like your best female friend in a super tight T-shirt.

Meet cam girl: Xxxfligh1.
Name: Emily.
Age: 39.
Body type: Athletic.

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FANTASY: Attracted to a Friend

This hot brunette with the gorgeous cleavage has always been just a friend, but now you’re attracted to her.

Whenever a certain group gets together, you both end up being there. And lately things have become little flirty between the two of you.

You know she’s dated a lot of guys and been in some long-term relationships. But here she is just about to turn 40 — never married, no kids, and currently single.

Now it’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re at a birthday party for your friend’s kid. She’s on the other side of the yard and wearing an insanely tight T-shirt. You walk to her table, and she leans over enough to give you a look at her beautiful tits.

Then she gives you a sideway glance with a look that’s pure lust. BAM! There’s your sign. You’ve been feeling it for a while, and now it turns out she’s also attracted to a friend.