Mature Cleavage: The Allure of Older Women

Mature Cleavage and Why We’re Fascinated by It

This site showcases the beauty and allure of mature women and their cleavage.

Don’t be put off by the word “mature.” It doesn’t always have to be synonymous with “old.” For our purposes, it merely means someone who acts like a grown woman and not a little girl.

I’ve met 23-year-old, entry-level project managers who are mature and wise beyond their years. And I’ve also met a 50-year-old marketing director who couldn’t hold her liquor at a company event and really needed to grow up.

I’m not interested in her cleavage.

Art Appreciation

Female nudes are a tradition in Western art. The pieces are intended to represent an ideal form that is both seductive and life-giving.

But art isn’t real life.

In real life, there’s something that’s actually more erotic than seeing a nude woman. Something more of a turn-on than walking into the house and seeing your naked wife, girlfriend, or hot neighbor.

What’s even better is seeing that same woman …

… almost naked.

Yeah — almost naked beats completely naked nearly every time.

There are a lot of options.

Teddy, bodysuit, babydoll, bustier, a cami set, bra, panties. All your major lingerie categories. I’m pretty much just quoting the Victoria’s Secret menu.

Or we can move outside the “underthings” category to sexy streetwear. Show me a woman in a cami top or bralette over by the avocados, and I’ll find a reason to linger in the produce section a little longer.

Yoga wear. Ripped jeans and a clingy T-shirt. Anything Stevie Nicks wore in the ‘70s.

If an outfit gives a sense of the underlying goodness without showing the full monty, then it can be, to use a proper expression — pleasurable.

Holy shit, there’s so much objectifying going on here. Right?!

Guity as charged. Apparently, I got in line for a second helping the day they handed out the “men are visual creatures” DNA.

A Mature Woman’s Cleavage Leaves a Little Mystery

The reason lingerie gets us so revved up is because it leaves a little to the imagination. It’s titillating.

A cami riding up high enough to reveal the ass. Nipples playing peek-a-boo through lace. Thigh-high stockings stopping just short of the finish line. It’s all so intoxicating.

Just thinking about it makes the blood rush …

… away from my brain.

But out of all the visual stimulation possibilities, the one that really gets my blood pumping is cleavage. Just your basic, run-of-the-mill gap between breasts.

For the love of Tiny Baby Jesus, when I catch that glimpse of boobage and see a little shadowy contour just below the neckline, it pushes all the right buttons.

Things go next-level when she leans forward or bends over and I get a bra shot. It’s like I’m 14 all over again. Something about seeing those lacy cups really lights my fire.

Do you know that feeling when the scent of an old girlfriend’s perfume, the chorus of a great song, or the sound of someone’s voice can immediately transport you to a different time? The same thing happens when you see a woman with a particular body type or in a specific outfit.

That’s why we made Michelle the poster girl for this website.

Is Bigger Better?

And I’m not just talking about the eye-popping Katy Perry, Sofia Vergara, Salma Hayek brand of cleavage. That’s fine. But a little bit can go a long way.

Some of the hottest “mature” babes fall far short of having massive melons:

Cameron Diaz …  Kate Hudson … Kristen Bell … Gwen Stefani … Gwyneth Paltrow.

Even two of the de facto ultimate babes from my generation: Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox.

So size has nothing to do with the appeal of breasts in general or cleavage in particular. The magic is in the woman’s style, personality, and confidence. When those boxes are checked AND we get a glance at the goodies, then the planets have aligned.

Enjoy the View

This website features the cleavage of mature women. It’s a little specific. I understand. But that’s what the internet is all about. No matter what you’re into, someone will eventually build a site on the topic.

Along with the photo galleries and stories, you’ll find links to “cam girls” who are ready and willing to show you their cleavage — and a lot more. They come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. So hopefully, you’ll find a few you like.

Pretty woman with a big smile and golden-brown hair standing on a sidewalk. She's youthful yet mature, and her dress reveals just a little cleavage.
Sometimes a little is enough.
Older mature woman showing a lot of cleavage in a lace bralette. She's has beautiful long hair and is sitting on a bench leaning forward.
Some people might say a woman this age shouldn’t be showing this much cleavage. We think those people should shut the hell up!